Customer Support

Use the Contact us tab and form in the enfold application – complete the form and an email is sent to enfold Support, or you may email support@enfold.de directly.

These messages are sent to Customer Support and a customer support representative will respond.

Getting Started

enfold securely and intelligently stores documents, images and videos. It allows you to organize and manage all your documents from all kinds of places in one place. With a little setup help from you, enfold also can fetch and file electronic files you usually receive via a company website. We also offer connections to Microsoft Office 365 and your Outlook contact list and calendar.

enfold supports the lastest versions of Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10 and 11. enfold cannot guarantee application behavior when other browsers are used.

You access enfold via a browser. We support most modern browsers on any operating system. enfold also works on mobile phones with your mobile phone’s browser.

You may register by selecting the Sign Up link on the opening page of the portal and following instructions on your screen.

Your invitation will include a link and a discount code. When you select the link, you will be brought to a page where you can enter the discount code and sign up for enfold. When you complete Sign up, you will have a discounted subscription to enfold.

When you Sign Up, you will be presented with a page to enter the Discount code. If you don’t have a discount code, you can select Skip and continue without one.

You may have not finished the Sign Up by verifying your E-mail address or phone #. Look for an email or SMS from enfold labeled Verify your enfold account and follow the instructions in the message.

Log in with your username and password and you will get a message on your screen with a Resend Email link if you signed up with an email address, or a Resend code link if you signed up with your mobile phone number.

Once you have an enfold account, with a verified email or mobile number, you will provide the email or mobile ID and the password with which you registered each time you log in.

You may reset your password by using the Forgot your password link on the Login page.

Sometimes we refer to an enfold user account as Digital Locker. A Digital Locker is a safe, organized, intelligent virtual file cabinet where your files are stored and organized.

A Folder is just a way to organize your files – like a file folder in a file cabinet. We provide a set of commonly used folders (like Insurance, Banking) and you may use these to tag your files. You also can set up additional folders if you don’t find ones you like (eg Landscape Plans).

A Source is any entity that sends you files. Often this is a vendor (like a bank), but it could be a club, or a government agency. enfold provides hundreds of commonly used sources from which you can choose. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you may set up a custom source of your own.

There are lots of ways – upload by selecting Add File, where you can upload from your device or see instructions about other ways to add files – drag and drop, or by sending file attachments via email.

We support many commonly used file formats for documents, images, videos and audio.

There are two ways. On the Files page, there is an icon that displays on the right if you hover over a file title – select that icon and actions you can perform on the file display. To move a file from one folder to another, select Reorganize. You can also Reorganize by selecting the file to view it – then select Actions and you’ll find Reorganize.

Select the file name on the File list and and the file displays on your screen.

Yes, you can email a file, or just a link to the file to anyone. You may also share folders, sources, and even your entire locker.

In the header, you will see a Bell icon for Notifications – if it’s green you have some unread messages from enfold. The Gear is for Settings – for you, your locker and security.

Select your name in your header, and select the Exit link.

You have 1GB of storage which is sufficient storage to accommodate thousands of documents. If you need or wish to have even more, you can use enfold ‘s add-on module for storage upgrade which is coming soon.

You can look inside our other FAQ links – Connections, Features, Security and Billing – for more detailed information about enfold.


Connections include any features that allow you to extend the reach of enfold – you may fetch files from many third-party company web-sites, or from your email accounts. You can also work within Microsoft Office plus an Enfold add-in so that you can edit documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and file them directly to enfold. If you have an Outlook account, you can integrate your calendar and contacts with enfold tasks and sharing features. You can also set up your friends, family and colleagues as ‘trusted’ email accounts – this will allow them to email files into your enfold account.

There is a menu tab, called Connections where all the enfold Connection features can be found.

Automatic fetch from company websites allows you to do a one-time setup of companies that currently have electronic files for you on their websites. We already support many well-known German companies and are always adding more. Once you set these up, we will deposit files from these companies periodically – usually twice a month. You can set these up in Connections/From Company Websites – add your companies and credentials, and wait for your files to find you – instead of the other way around.

Automatic fetch of your emails allows you to set up your email accounts, and gives permission to enfold to sweep the accounts for attachments. If you received an email with an attachment, enfold allows you to set up a rule for filing. Once you set these up, enfold will fetch qualifying emails and deposit them to your enfold account, on a daily basis. You can set this up in Connections/From Your Email Accounts.

You can make the connection in Connections/Microsoft Connections/Contacts and Calendars. Select the Connect button, and follow the prompts. Once you do this, you will be able to access the email addresses in your Outlook Contacts (for Outlook, Live, Hotmail or Office 365) whenever you are emailing a file from your enfold Locker, sharing, or setting up a trusted email id. Also, any task/reminder you set up for a file in enfold will show up in your Office calendar.

The Office add-in lets you save files you create in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Excel to your Enfold locker.

You may go to the enfold Connections page, select ‘Outlook or Office Add-ins’, and then select the ‘Download from the Office Store’ button. This brings you to installation instructions from Microsoft.

If you have Office installed on your device, select the options for Word, PowerPoint or Excel provided in the installation instructions. If you use Office Online, select the link below these options for Online Office add-ins – and follow those instructions.

There is one add-in – but it must be installed separately for Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

This depends – for Office 2016 and Office online, the enfold Digital locker displays in the ribbon. For Office 2013, the add-in is accessed via a command in the Microsoft ribbon – Insert, Add-in/My Apps – where you will see the enfold Digital locker add-in.

Select a file (from Word, Powerpoint, or Excel) and select the add-in. When the add-in displays to the right of your file, you’ll need to login to your enfold account, provide a document name (unless it’s pre-filled), and select the ‘Upload’ button.

The uploaded file will display on the File page.

The add-in is available for Office 2013 – Word and PowerPoint (for PCs and Macs); Office 2016 – Word and PowerPoint (for PCs and Macs); and Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel).

The add-in is available to users with personal and business Microsoft accounts – either a hotmail account, an outlook account, or any account associated with your device’s locally installed instance of Office.

Yes – if you have a business Microsoft account, you install the add-in by searching for ‘enfold Digital Locker’ in the application’s (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) Insert/Add-ins option, in the ribbon at the top of the application.

Microsoft is supporting this for Excel Online, but not for Excel 2013 and Excel 2016; we are looking into this.

From the application you are using (eg Word), select Insert/Add-ins/My Apps – it may be there instead.

Setting someone up as a ‘trusted’ email id means that you are giving that person permission to email files directly in to your enfold account. From Connections/Email Forwards/From Trusted Email IDs, you will Add an Email ID. That person will be notified that you want to grant them this permission; if they verify the email address, they will now be able to email files directly into your enfold account. They will use the ‘trusted’ email address as the ‘FROM’ address and the enfold portal email address, dokumente@mein.enfold.de as the ‘TO’ address. If they attach a file to the email, it will be deposited in your enfold account.


Yes, you may drag-and-drop a single file, multiple files, or an entire folder into your Locker.

Yes, you can select multiple files from your device using Add Files or you may drag-and-drop multiple files from some external list, or you can attach multiple files to an inbound email at the address indicated in Add Files/From your email ID login.

Yes, you may select a folder and drag-and-drop the folder to your Files page.

You may scan the document and upload or email that file to your Locker.

There are products that help you do this – you may use products like CamScanner or Genius scan – those provide a way to scan your paper documents and consolidate your scans into a single document. Then, you can upload or email the file to your enfold Digital Locker.

Yes, you can upload and play back video and audio files.

The files in your enfold locker display on any device – but enfold does not sync up files with other file storage systems.

No, you don’t have an enfold individual email address. Your enfold portal has an email address – dokumente@mein.enfold.de – and you can use this email address as the ‘TO’ email when you send files to your enfold account. (See Add Files/From your email ID login). Your ‘FROM’ address must be the email address you used to sign up with enfold.

You can email files to your locker by emailing them as attachments to dokumente@mein.enfold.de from the email address you use when you log in.

If you are an enfold user, you can email a file to anyone’s email address, whether or not they are an enfold user (the file will go to their email, not their enfold locker). To do this, select a file to view, open the Actions button and select Email or Send Link. If someone wants you to send emails directly to his or her locker, then they would need to set you up a Trusted Email (see Connections/Email Forwards/From Trusted Email IDs).

Yes, you may send a link to a file in your Locker. To set this up, view the document, and select Actions/Send link.

You may set up other people as trusted, ‘white-listed’ emails in your Settings/Locker Settings/Trusted Email IDs. Once you do this, you have given them permission to add files to your Locker via email.

You may share a folder or source with others by linking the folder or source to their email or mobile phone number. For each folder or source you are using, there is a share button – select it and then select Share now and provide an email or mobile number. When you do this, ALL the files in the folder or source are shared.

Yes, you may share the entire locker in Settings/Locker settings/Share Locker.

They can view, print or download your files. They cannot change the document within enfold.

There are two ways. First, if anyone has shared with you, you will receive an email or SMS letting you know that someone wants to share with you; you can accept the share by following the instructions in the message. Second, when you log in to your enfold account, you will see a list that includes your Locker as well as any that have been shared with you. You may select any locker listed.

Yes, you can. Once you’re logged in, select Switch Locker – this appears as an option if you select your name in the header. Then you’ll see a list of lockers you have access to, and you can select one.

Nothing is missing – Switch Locker isn’t available until there are lockers to share.

enfold allows you to set up inheritors for individual folders or sources, or for the entire locker. To do this, select Share/Pass on Later and provide contact information. enfold does not notify the inheritor. The inheritor does not share your account until enfold receives official confirmation of your passing; at that time, enfold activates the account for your inheritor.

No, you do not need to notify the inheritor in advance.

enfold will communicate with accounts that have had no activity for a period of time (eg 6 months or a year), and if we learn that an enfold subscriber is deceased or incapacitated, enfold will require legal proof – death certificates or affidavits of incapacity from someone authorized to act on your behalf (eg a Power of Attorney) before enfold will activate the inheritance share. enfold will not share your account without proper documentation from an authorized person.

enfold provides a Revoke link on shared Folders or Sources pages, and in Settings/Locker Settings for Lockers.

When a user Signs Up, they can provide a mobile number, verify that number and then check off the 2FA (2 factor authentication) option. Once this is set up, a verification code will be required for each login. Note: 2FA is not available for all portals.

OTP is short for One Time Password and will be provided to you by enfold when you use a mobile number to Sign Up, or are using 2FA to verify your login.

Yes, you can. To create a your own folder, you select the Folders tab, and then the Add folder button where you may set up a folder not already in the list.

No, you may not rename or delete a folder that enfold provides.

You may add a source you cannot find. To do this, you select the Sources tab, and then the Add Sources button. There you can enter the name of the source you want to add – and if it is not on the enfold list a link Add a custom source displays.

Yes, enfold sends a summary of files added to your locker periodically – usually every two weeks. Additionally, you will receive a notification within the enfold application – if the Bell is green, you have notifications you haven’t read – we’ll let you know when files are added to your Locker – via automatic fetch, email, etc.

You may search for a word in the title or body of a document; you may also filter your files by Source, Folder, someone you shared with, or by reminder schedule if you set up a reminder task for your file.

Yes, you may search for titles – enter a word in the Search box, and files with that word in the title will be listed.

Yes, you may do a text search on the body of the document – use the Search box.

For companies, you may select the source as a filter, and all files from that sender will display.

You may want to remind yourself to review your insurance policy before the renewal period. To do this, you could select the policy document from the File List to view it, and add a Task – for example, ‘Review auto insurance policy’ with a reminder schedule and an expiration date, and enfold will send you a notice according to the reminder schedule you select.

enfold sends reminders via email and SMS according to the reminder schedule you selected when you set up the task.

Yes, if you have connected your enfold account to your Office 365 account (go to Connections/Microsoft Connections/Contacts and Calendars), any task you add to enfold will also be added to your Outlook calendar.

Yes – to do this, select a document to view it, and then select the Notes button and annotate the file.

You may view a file by selecting it from the Files list. The file, as well as available actions and file history also display. Select the Actions button, and you can see From there you can Reorganize (assign folders or sources), Rename, Delete, Download, Send link, Email, or Print the file. Of course, you won’t be able to Print audio and video files. You may also add Tasks (reminders) to your files or make annotations with the ‘Notes‘ button from the same screen.


enfold takes security of the system very seriously. All communication from and to your locker is using the SSL (HTTPS) communication protocol. Our systems are protected against typical hacking mechanisms. We make it extremely hard for anyone to access your locker through any “brute-force” password guessing mechanism.

Your data is stored in certified data centers in Germany, and is subject to the German Federal Data Protection Act.

Your data is stored in Germany, in an ISO 27001 & 27017 certified data center governed by T-Systems, in Frankfurt and Magdeburg, and is subject to the German Federal Data Protection Act.

Before we store your documents, we divide them up into pieces and store the pieces separately. We also encrypt the pieces. Your document does not exist as a whole document anywhere in the enfold system. We put the pieces back together to display them, but your documents only exist as encrypted pieces when they are stored.

Your files can be seen by you and anyone you have authorized, either by sharing or setting them up as trusted email accounts. No one else can see your files – not even enfold.

We back up your files and store them securely. In case of service interruptions, we actively work to restore the service and your locker will be restored in its entirety.

Yes, enfold supports viewing password protected PDFs.

You may do reset your password in two places – either on the Login page with Forget your Password link, or in Settings/Personal Settings section of the application.

You may do several things – don’t share your username and password; don’t write them down where others can see them; change your password frequently, use supported browsers; don’t walk away from public computers or wifi, without logging off first; don’t use ‘Remember me’ checkbox when using enfold on a public computer; review both Notifications and look at File history when you view a document – if you see activity you don’t recognize, contact support@enfold.de

Contact enfold Support at support@enfold.de. enfold may have locked your account after detecting malicious activity.

Yes, according to the Terms of Use a user accepts in order to sign up, enfold can terminate your account if enfold discovers illegal or malicious activity in your account.

Using old browsers is not safe. At some point, the companies that develop browsers stop supporting older versions of browsers and security updates are no longer provided.

No, cannot see your files.

No, enfold does not know your password.

Yes, enfold supports 2-factor authentication, but this is not necessarily available for all portals. Some portals do not require 2-factor authentication, some are set up for optional 2-factor authentication (the portal offers it, but it is up to the user whether they want to use it), and some portals require 2-factor authorization.

Your files are deleted, unless prohibited by lawful intercept regulations.

If you are logged in and there is no activity for a certain amount of time (usually 15 minutes), enfold will log you off and your session will expire. We do this to protect you from someone else using your application in case you logged in, and then walked away.

Remember me is a setting on the login page that instructs enfold to pre-fill your Username, for your convenience. Do NOT use this feature if you are working on a public computer or device, or using a public WiFi spot.

enfold only shares your account or files if required by law to do so.

When you are viewing a document, you can see a history of the actions taken on that document – (was the document renamed, reorganized, etc) and information about where the document originated (automatic fetch, you uploaded, etc). If you see activity that you do not recognize, contact enfold Support.


Your subscription includes a free trial period. Two weeks before the trial period ends, enfold will notify you and present you with payment options.

You may pay with a credit card, Paypal or with SEPA direct debit.

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